Cooking is an art. Every day everyone in the world cook food to eat. But all of their cooking is not considered as art. People do not always find only taste in their food. Ingredients, texture, temperature, making process, making time are also important facts of food most of the times. In fact it is a bit difficult to make our everyday cooking as perfect as we want if we are not experts.  Many problems are there. A bigger problem is to keep an eye on stovetop cooking. To lessen the problems technology has always gifted us with newer things to make our food delicious with minimum hassle. Electric Pressure Cooker is one of the gifts of technology for cooking.
First, we need to know which factors we should check before buying any electric pressure cooker from many more options in the market. The factors could be:
  • Capacity of the cooker
  • Number of cooking programs
  • Delay timer cooking function
  • Automatic or manual food warming function
  • Safe cooking certified or not
Let’s go through some of the best electric pressure cookers with their features and thus let’s get to know how they are making our cooking life easier.


Instant Pot DUO60:

Instant Pot DUO60 is viewed as the best electric pressure cooker among all of the electric pressure cookers Instant Pot has been providing with various cooking options. And it comes with different names and sizes. So, user can buy Instant Pot in their needed sizes from 3 quarts, 6 quarts and 8 quarts.  Because of its tempting features people are grabbing this 6quarts pressure cooker for their kitchen. If you have family of 4 or 6 members we will suggest you to buy this 6quarts number 1 instant pot.
Third generation pressure cooker has stepped one step ahead and we get the chance to have an electric pressure cooker.  Instant Pot DUO60 is such an electric pressure cooker. It has lessened our hassles of keeping attention on cooking from start to the end.  That is not the end. Equaled with electric cooker this pressure cooker works as a multi-cooker. And you will be pleased to know that it is capable of cooking slow cooker recipes. It can be said that, “one pressure cooker and so many solutions”.
Let’s go over to the features it contains to know more about this number 1 electric cooker in brief.
Structure of the Cooker:
Steel body Instant Pot DUO Plus can be divided in 3 sections according to the structure.
  1. The Lid:
This brushed stainless-steel lid has to be attached to the cooker perfectly before cooking. Otherwise cooker will not be able to cook as cooker wants. Magnetic sensor makes sure that the lid is closed perfectly. There are important parts in this lid.
  • Silicon ring is used to lock the lid to cooker to provide smooth cooking. This ring has to be maintained. If this does not seated in the lid in right way it has to be replaced. Moreover, food odors can be absorbed by the ring. That’s why it need to be cleaned and maintained carefully.
  • Anti-block Shield is founded here. Within it there are:
  • Float valve attached with this electric cooker which is popped up during cooking for ensuring pressure cooking. In addition, it is not possible to open the cooker when it popped up as it locks the cooker till the cook completes.
  • Steam release function is there with exhaust pipe included. This pipe is responsible for releasing air from the cooker. It also ensures the process of your cooking. Moreover, for pressure cooking the steam release knob has to be in sealing position and for slow cooking it has to be in venting position which releases the air.
  1. The Inner Pot:
The inner pot is three ply bottom stainless steel coated. The rain bowing effect indicates of its being perfect for cooking.
  1. The cooking base:
The inner pot is seated here and it is not waterproof. All you need to do is cleaning it with towel.
  1. The cooker Body:
The body of this best electric pressure cooker comes with blue LCD screen to monitor while cooking and some buttons for making food as user wants. Moreover, the cooker body consists of a condensation collector. You can remove it easily and clean it.
Cooking in this Cooker:
This is a 7-in-1 multiuse programmable cooker with pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt make, sauté, steamer and warmer. Consumers don’t have to think of any hassles if this cooker in their kitchen. In addition, there are 14 built in programs for cooking. A music node let you know when you close the cooker with the lid for cooking. After instructing the cooker what to do it again play the music node when the cooking starts according to instructions. Slow cooker recipes are not difficult to make now as this electric pressure cooker is able to slow cook for you. And for pressure cooking this best electric cooker has dual pressure settings: high and low. When the cooking is completed the cooker let you know with making sound and showing it on the screen.  It keeps the food warm until you serve it.
Going through the review you can feel how alluring the features are for a pressure cooker. If a pressure cooker lessens so many works in kitchen and let you do other works you should buy it and make your own.  Check on AMAZON
Let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of it.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Adjusts time among Less, Normal and More for sauté and slow cooking.
  • 12 preset temperatures.
  • Delay cooking time is up to 24 hours.
  • 10 safety mechanisms.
  • Heavy in weight.
  • Short power cord.
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Instant Pot DUO Plus 60:

Instant Pot DUO Plus 60 has brought the best solution for saving you from unhealthy eating every day. Before going to work or coming from work you can use this cooker for fast cooking as it can cook 70% faster than any other cooker. If you don’t have enough time or energy to cook after coming from work don’t need to worry at all as this best electric pressure cooker allows you to set delay timer cooking with auto warming function. As a result, you are served with a healthy warm meal ready after a busy hardworking day. Moreover, you can set this cooker for cooking slow cooker recipes too. And we are recommending as the 2nd best pressure cooker for you.
Different dishes need different preparations in addition with different pot. In fact kitchen gets congested. You should buy Instant Pot DUO Plus 60 to save your kitchen from being congested. As this cooker is a replacement for 9 other dishes.
Let’s get more familiar with this cooker with 6quarts capacity that is able to cook for 6 to 10 peoples.
The Instant Pot DUO Plus 60
Buyer of this cooker’s kitchen will be attractive not only for this best look but also for being a replacement for 8 other dishes. In which the instant pot acts are given below:
  1. Pressure Cooker: user can cook food in pressure by positioning the valve in the lid in “Sealing” position for up to 6hrs.
  2. Slow Cooker: Slow cooker recipes can’t be ignored now for not having time to keep attention. Prepare the cooker for slow cooking get back to your daily busy schedule. If you are a bit late then don’t worry. Auto warming tech will keep your food warm until you serve.
  3. Rice Cooker: Don’t need a place for rice cooker in the kitchen as Instant Pot DUO Plus 60 is here.
  4. Yogurt Maker: What is there that the best electric pressure cooker is not able to do? Yogurt making is nothing to worry about.
  5. Egg Cooker: It is one of the new 3 functions. User can get a perfect egg in this new cooking function of instant pot.
  6. Sauté: This cooker allows to do sauté with the lid open.
  7. Steamer: Replacement for a steamer now is available with provided steam rack. Don’t need to go Chinese restaurants for steaming foods.
  8. Warmer: It is an automatic function for keeping foods warm up to 10 hrs.
  9. Sterilizer:  New and rare from any other pressure cooker function is here to sterilize jars, cans, baby bottles or utensils.  It can pasteurize milk also.
The Body of the Instant Pot DUO Plus 60
This best electric pressure cooker is build up with several parts. And they are:
The Lid: the lid is made of stainless steel but the handle is cool side. It is designed to be rest on the cooker body on both sides. In addition, the pressure controlling knob and airtight seal flush is here.
The Inner Pot: It is made of stainless steel for serving healthy foods with no chemical coating with marking of measurements.
The Cooker Base:  It is sturdy enough as a base of whole cooker with LCD display and programmable buttons in its body. And it is stainless steel brushed.
LCD Display Panel
Large blue LCD display of this Instant Pot DUO Plus 60 is surrounded with 15 microprocessor-controlled programs. User can get extra features of digital display after buying it which are different from others. And they are 4 icons for indicating the status of cooker in
  • Heating
  • Pressure cooker
  • Warming foods and
  • sound
When 9-in-1 multi-programmable cooker comes with the capacity of cooking for a small gathering of 6 to 10, should you miss it? You should not. Make your life easier buying this 2nd best pressure cooker.  Check on AMAZON
Let’s get you known to the pros & cons of this higher viewers rated product.
  • 13 preset temperatures
  • Works as a cake maker
  • Pressure and time can be adjusted
  • Delay timer can be set up to 24 hrs.
  • UL certified 10 safety mechanisms are there.
  • Too many functions to understand.
  • Sticky rice can get stick to the inner pot.
Buy Instant Pot DUO Plus 60 from AMAZON


Instant Pot LUX60 V3:

Instant Pot LUX60 V3 is a blessing for kitchen from technology. It comes with 6quarts capacity and thus it is able to cook food for a small family gathering like 6 to 10 members. Moreover, for that gathering different cooking pots are not needed for preparing different healthy warm dishes. Pressure cooking curry or chicken, slow cooking fish or meat stew, rice, sautéing vegetables or anything, steaming dishes each and everything can be cooked in this instant pot. Isn’t that amazing? So, we are reviewing this as the 3rd best electric pressure cooker with 6 different programs.
Most of us have a fear of stove-on cooking. This type of cooking needs constant attention. You will feel relieved to know this electric pressure cooker helps to get away from this fear. Are you being happy thinking about preparing slow cooker recipes? Yes, now you just need to instruct the cooker through digital buttons and your dish will be ready in time. We can know about the whole from below:
Unboxing of the Instant Pot:
Getting the instant Pot package at home for your kitchen is the best idea so far. This electric pressure cooker comes with
  1. A manual for instructing the user.
  2. A recipe book with cooking recipes.
  3. The cooker main product of this package for cooking.
  4. Measuring cup for measuring ingredients
  5. Silicon cooking mitts to handle hot pot.
  6. Steel rack to keep the cooking pot away from another pot.
  7. Spoons
The cooker:
Customers who bought Instant Pot LUX60 V3 found it as the best electric pressure cooker which is a substitute for 6 cookers which are:
  1. Pressure cooker
  2. Slow cooker
  3. Rice cooker
  4. Steamer
  5. Sauté
  6. warmer
In addition, its steel body cool look enhances the kitchen’s look. The steel body is of brushed stainless and moreover it is fingerprint resistant.
LCD Screen:
The screen monitor builds up with following functions
  • There are 10 built in programs which are buttoned around the screen and pressing the button you can make ready the cooker as your demanded food.
  • 4 extra buttons are there for adjusting time, delay starting, manual showing and keep food warming.
  • Though it used to see the time mainly but on and perfectly off are shown in the screen.
  • User finds three levels of temperature settings less, normal and more in his buying Instant Pot. They are used to adjust the temperature of sauté to make searing/simmering/thickening. These levels are also used for slow cooker recipes also.
  • High pressure settings are here so that the time of cooking reduces for 70% more.
If you want easy cooking with an LCD monitor to guide you on every step of your cooking you surely need to buy instant pot LUX60 V3.  Check on AMAZON
Let’s go through the pros and cons of this best electric pressure cooker.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Automatically keeps food warm for about 10 hours.
  • Provides pressure cooking for up to 240 minutes.
  • Cooking is possible with 24 hours delay.
  • UL and ULC certified with 10 safety mechanisms.
  • Some user finds the slow cooking process to be stopped after using the cooker for a while.
  • Should prevent burning with care.
Buy Instant Pot LUX60 from AMAZON


Cuisinart CPC-600:

Cuisinart CPC-600 has proved to be the best electric pressure cooker of peoples’ choice among all of the cookers around the world. This third-generation kitchen aid is brought to us to lessen the hassle of making perfect food taking too much time. And its 6 quarts capacity will be able to serve you for a small family or friends gathering.
Could you think of a pressure cooker doing sauté before with old aged pressure cooker?  Now this electric pressure cooker serves pressure cooking in addition with browning, sauté and simmer. You should replace your old pressure cooker with Cuisinart CPC-6000 buying this as soon as possible. With all the appealing features it will ensure you a healthy cooking too with nonstick cooking pot. Let’s take a look on this best pressure cooker:
The Cooker Body:
The cooker body of this up to date pressure cooker is made of stainless steel outside. The lid is also easy to handle. Here the handle of the lid is of cool touch. Inside of the pressure cooker there is the nonstick cooker pot. Timer screen to set the time for cooking is included in the steel body.
Timer Screen:
 Easily understandable monitor is present in this best electric pressure cooker. There is a timer with 2 digits which means the cooker can be set with the time of maximum 99 minutes. There is a button “Time” to set the time in that section. Timer sounds to know you that the food is ready.
Pressure Indicator:
2 pressure indicator lights are here and they activated by pushing the “Menu” button. User can set the pressure between low and high whichever they want for cooking their food.
Cooking Type Indicator:
Under the pressure indicator lights user will find in his bought cooker four other indicator lights in this best electric pressure cooker named
  1. Browning: Sometimes we want to serve or have dish which are browned outside but the texture and moist inside are perfectly remain. That’s when this preset temperature is needed. Before starting the pressure cooking to make sure the browning the indicator is kept on with pushing the “Menu” button.
  2. Sauté: In contrast of browning the food we sometimes want vegetables or other foods to be sautéed in little oil or liquid. In this case “Sauté” is preset with the lid open before starting cooking.
  3. Simmer: This indicator is set for liquid foods when we want them to be cooked in low temperature.
  4. Keep Warm: It is an automatic indicator to let the user know that the timer has stopped in its given time after cooking the food. This best electric pressure cooker can keep food warm up to 12 hours.
What is coming on your mind seeing those features? If you are thinking of buying it, do it. We are assuring you that it will be money worthy cooking device.  Check on AMAZON
To have a whole review, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of Cuisinart CPC-600 below.
  • Capacity is 6quarts.
  • Cooker is of 1000watts.
  • Push-button settings.
  • Dishwasher-safe cooking pot.
  • Comes with 3 years warranty.
  • The lid gets in trouble after 1 or 2 years.
  • Have to be careful with the nonstick pot to not to get scratched.
  • Browning process is troublesome.
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Power Pressure Cooker XL:

Power Pressure Cooker is now considered as the best electric pressure to make our kitchen lively. Whoever thought that a pressure cooker will be able to prepare slow cooker recipes too at the old time? Time has changed and we found Power Pressure Cooker which is able to pressure cook in addition with slow cook. That’s a reason from so many other reasons of it being the popular most electric pressure cooker. And we have found it as the 5th best electric pressure cooker.
In our childhood we saw our mother cooking in a pot over stove which makes loud whistle. Generation has changed. Why the kitchen should be out of it? With the glorious touch of technology, we have found Power Pressure Cooker XL. This will not only serve you many more dishes as a multi-cooker but also make sure your safety during cooking. In this effect you should buy Power Pressure Cooker XL and make your kitchen a safe place even for children.
Let’s stop being curious about the features and let’s go through this 5th best electric cooker.
Package of the Cooker:   
The electric pressure cooker comes as well packaged after buying it. It does not come alone but brings many other useful things with it. They are:
  1. Power cord
  2. The inner pot
  3. Steaming rack
  4. Steaming tray
  5. Measuring cup
  6. Serving spoon
  7. 2 recipe books
The Pressure Cooker:
It is the best electric pressure cooker in it looks too. Several parts with smart designs made this 6quarts capacity cooker complete. And they are:
The Lid:
It is an important part of the pressure cooker. There is a valve as a knob to adjust the air inside in 2 different positions. When the knob is rounded in lock position the air inside the cooker gets locked and the heat of them makes the cooking faster. Venting position of the knob removes the pressure by releasing the locked air. Silicon band is there to perfectly lock the lid. The handle of the lid is cool touch sided though the steel around is not.
The Cooking Pot:
It is a nonstick pot with Teflon coating. Measurements are marked inside and outside of the pot. Bottom of the pot looks so cool.
The Cooker Base:
Power Pressure Cooker XL is sturdy to control the other parts for cooking. It is 13 inches long and 13 inches wide. Digital display panel with one touch preset buttons is included here.
Cooking Settings:
As the best electric pressure cooker, it is capable of cooking slow cooker recipes, doing sauté and steaming foods with pressure cooking settings. From 7 modes of cooking others are: canning/preserving, soup/stew, rice/risotto, beans/lentils and chicken/meat.
Timer Settings:
This electric cooker is designed with default timer of 10 minutes but it can be increased in medium of 30 minutes and high of 60 minutes. At the time of rice cooking cooker has to set the type of rice to adjust with the time.
Safety Mechanisms:
Power Pressure Cooker was designed for providing best comfort to the users who buy it. That’s why for safety there is safety mechanisms included and they are:
  1. Air release knob
  2. Pressure indicator
  3. Auto lock handles
  4. Locking lid
  5. Cool touch handle
Whatever you want to eat rice, beans, stew or anything you should make sure Power Pressure Cooker XL is there for serving you. Moreover, you should buy this best electric pressure cooker to have a safe and uncongested kitchen.  Check on AMAZON
Pros and cons should be checked to be fully acknowledged with this electric cooker.
  • Flavor infusion technology is used.
  • 7 modes of cooking.
  • Enable of canning and preserving.
  • Keeps the foods warm inside with the keep warm function automatically.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Smell in the cooking pot and the lid makes a bit problem although washing for several times.
  • Takes quite a time before start power cooking in the given time.
  • Difficult to understand the function of it when user uses it for cooking different from recipe books.
Buy Power Pressure Cooker XL from AMAZON



Crockpot is actually defined as slow cooker from old age. But the “Crock Pot” brand has brought to us the electric crockpot Express Crock Programmable Multi-cooker which is used not only for slow cook but also pressure cook, sauté and steam. Is your jaw dropping? Don’t let it because there are other so many things for you to know still. It is the best electric pressure cooker so far.
Most of us are so busy with daily work that we became totally depended on fast food. But with this programmable crockpot you can stay away from unhealthy eating. Let’s know why.  It is 70% faster cooker than any other cooker pot. So, you can have a warm healthy meal just in a couple of minutes. Moreover, your carving for a longtime preparing has come to an end. This cooker will serve you all the slow cooker recipes without worrying you. That’s why we will suggest you to buy this cooker and live a healthy life daily.
Let’s know all about it from below:
What’s inside the Package?
This stylish crockpot with 6 quarts capacity comes to your home not alone. It brings with it:
  • A power cord,
  • An owner’s guide
  • A book of crockpot recipes
  • Steel rack for slow cook
  • And serving spoons
The cooker
Stainless steel brushed multi-programmable this electric pressure cooker is stylish enough to enhance the beauty of kitchen. The lid of the cooker is designed to be sturdy and airtight locked for safely cooking with keeping the perfect pressure inside. There is lock indicator marks to lock the lid perfectly in the place. This pressure cooker with nonstick inner cooking pot is provided with LCD monitor for timer, pressure and cooking settings.
Ways of Cooking:
This best electric pressure cooker is capable of cooking in 4 different ways. That’s an appealing feature for crockpot which comes home after buying. The ways of cooking are set with pressing the button under the monitor and they are:
  1. Slow cooking: It is possible here to keep your timer set for slowly cooking your food up to 12 hours. In the meantime, you can complete your other job to be done because here you are free from keeping constant attention on cooking slow cooker recipes.
  2. Pressure Cooking: Coming from a long day of work when you need to calm your stomach with fast cooked foods you can get the help of pressure cooker in this crockpot.
  3. Sauté: Sometimes our taste bud wants something different but healthy. And the sauté can be a best solution at that time by cooking vegetables or meat with keeping the tender perfect.
  4. Steam: Steaming of food is possible putting the provided steaming rack inside.
Cooking Functions:
It is the best electric pressure cooker for being a substitute for 7 other cooking pots. 8 cooking functions are provided here with one touch button. The functions are:
  1. Meat/stew
  2. Beans/chili
  3. Rice/risotto
  4. Yogurt
  5. Multigrain
  6. Soup
  7. Dessert
  8. Poultry
Adjusting Pressure and Time:
Pressure and time for cooking crockpot recipes can be adjusted from low to high by pressing the sign “+” and “-“.
Don’t you think you should not miss the chance of buying an electric pressure cooker and save the money of other 7 cooking pots? Moreover, when it comes so many safety options you must not ignore this. Lead a happy life ever after having this pressure cooker in your kitchen.  Check on AMAZON
The advantages and disadvantages of the cooker of crockpot recipes could be as below.
  • Airtight locked lid
  • Preheat is possible
  • Delay start timer is here.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Keeps foods warm.
  • Chemical coating with the nonstick cooking pot.
  • Have to carefully deal with the nonstick pot to not to be scratched.
Buy Crock-Pot from AMAZON


Elite Platinum:

Elite Platinum electric pressure cookers have made our life easy relieving us from stove on cooking. One electric pressure cooker and 14 types of cooking programs, all of your wrinkles from cooking will be vanished in a second. Now we don’t need to think of cooking pot for different cooking dishes. 8quarts capacity of this best electric pressure cooker will remove the tension of cooking for a gathering of 8 to 14 people. Moreover it cooks 70% faster than stove on cooking. And all of these are possible in Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker. How much easier a life could be?
Ingredients, texture, temperature, making process, making time are important facts of food to be perfect in taste. But we don’t get enough time to make our cooking this perfect. Elite Platinum pressure cooker came to us as the solution of this problem. Now we just need to put every ingredient ready in the cooker, give instruction to the cooker and it will serve us a perfect meal. And it is applicable for slow cooker recipes too. Delay timer cooking is another blessing for those who always get late coming from work and never have energy for cooking. So we are recommending this multi-programmable best electric pressure cooker if you are always unable to have a warm healthy meal after a busy day.
Let’s go through the list below of features from which you can’t take your eyes off.
The List Of The Things It Brings:
This popular electric pressure cooker not only comes with best features but also brings some important accessories that you had to buy. And they are:
  1. A manual
  2. A recipe book
  3. Elite Platinum Pressure cooker
  4. Serving spoon
  5. Measuring cup
  6. Detachable Power cord
Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker:
It is the best looking pressure cooker together with best featured one you can get buying it. Bringing it at home you will find your kitchen attractive to others. And as a 14-in-1 multi-use programmable cooker it will work as a substitute for 13 other dish. So there will not be gathering of so many dishes. The body consists of:
The Lid:   It is patented with Hinge Lid System. It allows the lid to rest in the cooker body in one side when it is opened. But it can be detached to wash thoroughly for better use. The handle of the cooker is cool touch with whole of the lid body equally. Most importantly the valve monitoring the pressure cooker is here with
The Cooker Pot:   The large cooker pot is nonstick with measurements marked in the body.
The Cooker Base:  This 13 inches long and 14 inches wide base takes care of the whole cooker being a stainless steel brushed body in addition with LED display, spoon holder and condensation cup.
Cooking Functions:
These functions take most of the responsibilities to make Elite Platinum Pressure Cooker the best electric pressure cooker ever.
  • Pressure cooking in it is as perfect as we want. But there is something more. Prior to the pressure cooking browning is possible by pre heating with one touch digital button “BROWN”.
  • After a whole busy day it is possible to not feel the energy of cooking. “DELAY TIMER” is user’s solution. Up to 24 hours delay cooking is possible for about 99 minutes.
  • In spite of delay timer cooking if user is unable to get home at any chance then there is nothing to worry about. Cooker will automatically keep foods warm with “KEEP WARM” function.
  • Preparing slow cooker recipes are not dreams for now. 99 minutes of slow cooking is possible without giving constant attention.
  • Coupled with slow cook and keep warm functions there are 12 others from 14 provided programs with this pressure cooker.
Safety Mechanisms:
Cooking is not only the fact of taking care of by this cooker. As the best electric cooker it ensures safe cooking too to the buyer of it. And the mechanisms it provides to the cooker are:
  1. Pressure Limited Valve protection
  2. Floater Protection
  3. Lid-lock protection
  4. Anti-clog protection
  5. Pressure control
  6. Self-release device
  7. Temperature sensor
  8. Fuse protection
So many cooking options with so many safety mechanisms and what are you still thinking? You should grab this pressure cooker to make your kitchen a stress free place of your home.  Check on AMAZON
Let’s take a look in the pros and cons.
  • LED display with hours and minutes timer
  • Slow cooking recipes are possible to make
  • Cooking time is from 0-99 minutes
  • Dishwasher safe cooker
  • Spoon holder and condensation cup is there.
  • The words in the valve get removed.
  • Steam function is not available.
  • Chemical Teflon coating in the pot.
  • Poor customer service.
Buy Elite Premium from AMAZON



GW2263 is one of the electric pressure cookers of GoWISE that have touched the highest position of customer review.  It is considered as the best electric pressure cooker with 8 quarts capacity equaled with 10 cooking programs. GoWISE is a USA based manufacturer company which produces healthier cooking and healthier products. The products that are most popular of them are air fryers and pressure cookers. GW2263 electric pressure cooker is one of their best product.
Electric pressure cooker has already made our life easier. Moreover, this particular pressure cooker comes with 10 different options to cook just pressing corresponding buttons. The day of keeping careful attention on stove on cooking is finished now. Just press the button for your demanded cooking and GoWISE USA pressure cooker will let you to forget about it until you start serving. Let’s get more familiar with this best electric pressure cooker by knowing the features.
What It Comes With?
The accessories we can get buying it are:
  1. GW2263 pressure cooker
  2. Power cord
  3. Stainless steel rack
  4. Stainless steel basket
  5. Measuring cup
  6. Serving spoon
The Cooker
 This best electric pressure cooker is consists of:
The Lid:   Cool touch handled lid is designed to be automatically locked. Pressure cooker directing knob is placed here as a valve. During cooking it should be in “pressure” direction to lock the air inside the pot and after cooking it should be in “steam” position to release the air inside.
The Cooking Pot:   Because of having a 8quarts stainless steel inner cooking pot away from chemical coating in it the pressure cooker has received ETL approved stamp for safety ensuring. Here are markable measurements for not having problems with ingredients measure.
The Cooker Base:  The base of this pressure cooker comes with a dimension of 10  12  14 inches (L  W  H). It is a stainless steel brushed pot with 2 LED displays for showing pressure and time in addition with 16 built-in programs in its body.
Cooking Functions:
With the touch of technology this pressure cooker can also behave as a slow cooker, steamer and sauté pot.
  • Pressure cooking in this electric cooker lessens the time of cooking in stove over cooker. It provides pressure cooking for up to 2 hrs.
  • Slow cooker recipes like stew or other dishes can be prepared deliciously in this cooker with timing up to 20 hrs.
  • Sauté of vegetables or others can give your taste bud a different taste from usual cooking with nutritious ingredients keeping perfect.
  • Steaming function is also available and provided steel rack and steel basket are used for steaming foods.
Cooking Programs:
From 16 built in programs the 4 cooking functions we have seen in the previous section. Now let’s see the cooking functions with pre heat feature and they are:
  • Rice
  • Multigrain
  • Porridge
  • Soup
  • Meat/Stew
  • Bean/Chili
  • Poultry
  • Yogurt
  • Egg maker
The other functions included:
Delay Time:  After buying user can get the facility of making the cooker ready for cooking after a time delay up to 24hrs. And here user is ready for a warm meal getting home after a busy day.
Adjust:  It can adjust pressure inside the pot with this one touch button.
Pressure Time +  & Pressure Time – : They are used for increase or decrease the pressure cooking time on your own.
Warm: It is able to keep foods warm after the cooking is complete.
Going through the features above you can find how many attractive features are present in this electric cooker to complete your kitchen. So why are you abstaining your kitchen from this appliance? You should buy GoWISE USA pressure cooker with 10 multi-usable programs to replete your kitchen.  Check on AMAZON
Let’s get to know about the pros and cons.
  • Capacity is 8 quarts and for this reason it is the best electric pressure cooker for gatherings of 8 to 10 peoples.
  • Slow cooker recipes can be cooked for up to 20 hrs.
  • Time can be delayed up to 24hrs.
  • Substitute for 10 other cooking pots.
  • Has gained ETL stamp as a safe cooker of stainless steel.
  • Does not come with a manual.
  • No warranty is available.